Simple latching circuit diagram

Circuit Diagram of Latching circuit is simple and can be easily built. Resistor R1 and R4 work as a current limiting resistor for Transistor Q1 and resistors R2 and R3 … A latch is an

electronic logic circuit that has two inputs and one output. One of the inputs is called the SET input; the other is called the RESET input. Latch circuits can be either active-high or active-low. A latch circuit can be built by many ways for example it can be built by using transistors or ICs, latch circuits are used in electronic applications where the continuation of output is required whether the input signal goes off. The figures below

shows two simple latch circuits built with 555 timer IC. This is a Simple Latch Circuit Diagram project. Electronic latch circuits can be either active-high or active-low. The difference is determined by whether the operation of the latch circuit is triggered by HIGH or LOW signals on the inputs. Although the circuit itself is simple, the phenomenon is not. Students need to be proficient in analyzing pulse diagrams, especially with latch circuits (and later, with flip-flops), because these types of circuits often find application in pulse-driven systems. Latch circuits such as the S-R latch and the D latch are often referred to Simple AC

Lamp Flasher Using SCR; The diagram illustrates how a compact AC operated mains bulb flasher can be made with the help of an SCR. Transistors T1 and T2 along with the other passive components form a regenerative type of oscillator circuit, with C1 and R6 defining the rate of oscillations. You Will Need: 1 kilo ohm ressistors *2. bc547 and bc557. Two push buttons. ProtoboardAdd …Circuit Diagram: Follow this circuit Diagram. Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload.Watch Full Tutorial: Add TipAsk QuestionCommentDownload. The diagram above shows how such a relay can be used to make a latching relay circuit. The circuit has two buttons – one is a push to make which closes when pressed but is otherwise open, and the other is a push to break which opens when pressed but is otherwise closed. A latching relay is electrically

'set' to one position, and it remains 'latched' in that position until it is electrically 'reset' to the opposite position. There are two kinds of latching relays: An electrically latched relay is a standard relay with one of its own contacts wired into its coil circuit.

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